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American Tax Bible
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The American Tax Bible is the most important, most carefully researched, most thoroughly documented income tax research, and collection of IRS response and legal in-the-court resource documents, ever assembled in one place, for one price, in American history. Over 700 pages of constitutional law arguments and documents assembled by Thomas Freed providing an essential, mind-blowing education on American tax law, its true legislative history (and what that means to you). Exposed: - our corrupted IRS and legal federal court process; the limits of statutory authority; the true (lack of) liability for the payment of tax under the statutes; the lack of legal due process required in all tax collection and tax enforcement actions of the IRS (and the DOJ in court). Provided: actual letters, Motions, Exhibits etc. for answering the IRS correspondence, Tax Court, and the DOJ in the federal district courts for Summonses and all civil (and criminal) legal actions undertaken against an American citizen allegedly under Title 26 authorities and or the 16th Amendment. The lack of subject-matter jurisdiction to enforce improper IRS claims is clearly explained and exposed, and put into a Motion that anyone, and everyone, can use. The limits of the true taxing powers granted and made enforceable under the Constitution, do not reach the fruits of labor (yours' or anyone else's). Exposed: the wrongful summons enforcement and wrongful Levy issuance and enforcement perpetrated by the IRS, companies and the courts, without true legal cause or authority. Exposed how every Notice of Federal Tax Lien filed in a courthouse in America is criminally forged,.

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This document library is the result of a multi-year effort to very carefully research the tax laws in order to be able to provide to any American citizen or resident the proper documents necessary to answer IRS Notices and Letters while preserving their rights under the law:

1. to their own property,
2. to have the due process requirements of the law met by the IRS, and
3. to preserve at all times their appeal rights in all dealings with the IRS.

The statutes that these letters are based on have all been very carefully researched. These letters are designed to invoke the provisions that are provided by the statutes in order to protect your property and rights to property, and so that you may assert your rights to due process in all dealings with the government and its agents, and to at all times preserve, and exercise where appropriate, all of your appeal rights provided for under the law.

You should carefully edit these Microsoft word documents yourself to finalize them, adding your personal information (name, address, tax-id, etc.) and specific letter information (tax period, letter date, etc.) where indicated in the documents, together with the personal information of the IRS employee who sent you the letter. Then send your finished response to the I.R.S. by certified mail, signature return (use the green card at the U.S. Post Office). Do not add any language or make any changes regarding the laws presented, or you may affect our ability to help you. If it is absolutely necessary, you may delete a line in the letter if it is not applicable to your specific situation, but DO NOT ADD ANY STATEMENTS OR ARGUMENTS.

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